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Inheritance Law


What counts – also for the next generation.


Without the right legal assistance, complex estate matters and inheritance cases can turn into an emotional rollercoaster and become a nightmare, at times impossible to solve. Depending on where the goods you inherit are located, different laws will apply. While you need to explicitly accept an inheritance in Spain, no such acceptance is needed for an inheritance in Germany. Under Germany’s inheritance laws, a decedent’s property and obligations pass directly to his or her heirs at the time of death. So, if you do nothing, you might suddenly find yourself personally liable for a decedent’s debts. Once you have accepted an inheritance, you must act quickly to meet various deadlines and to comply with various statutes of limitations, some as short as six weeks.

Harris Bricken has extensive experience in international inheritance law, involving several jurisdictions such as Spain, Germany, other European Union countries, and the United States. Our international inheritance experts will guide and accompany you through the burdensome process of untangling complex matters or accepting intestate inheritance. We will research each applicable law and help you find solutions, even if conflicts between different jurisdictions arise.

Our team of international attorneys has experience drafting international wills, providing assistance on inheritance acceptance and execution, and managing our clients’ inherited goods abroad. We also advise our international clients who chose Spain as their residence and need international estate planning while optimizing local tax impact.

Our services in international estate and inheritance matters include:

  • Estate planning and will drafting
  • Declarations of intestate heirs
  • Acceptance, waiver, participation and liquidation of hereditary rights
  • Court proceedings in case of conflicts between heirs
  • Drafting or accessing any required documents or information